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General contracting

With an administrative, engineering team and a skilled labor force with expertise and high efficiency in the field of construction, project management, and decoration design, we managed to accomplish dozens of projects with high quality and dazzling design inside and outside the Kingdom all thanks to Allah

When implementing the projects, the board was careful to follow up and supervise directly on the progress of projects and submit periodic reports about each stage of the project to project owners.

We overcome the cost and quality challenge, we managed to accomplish projects with high quality and reasonable costs because we were careful to build a relationship network with suppliers and original deputies of construction materials

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Engineering Consultancy

Our teamwork has an elite of engineers and consultants who are professionals in engineering, architectural planning, decoration, and exterior design. We were always careful about innovation, uniqueness, provide continuous support to our clients on how to find better chances in using available spaces and draw the client’s thoughts on reality.

The consultancy services have contributed to providing the best advice on the best areas and seize the best opportunities

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Maintenance and operation

At Al Rajhi for Development and Real Estate Investments, we have engaged in dozens of real estate and large projects with long term contracts. We were known for Our endless professionalism in the operation and maintenance of projects. We brought dozens of engineers and technicians from all over the world to follow up with maintenance and operation in all fields such as residential and commercial complexes, hotels and others


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