Internet packages in hand for everyone

To provide the best services to our clients, we have worked to keep up with digital development and provide Internet service to our clients with the least prices


6 month
  • Package price 799 SAR + 15% VAT
  • subscription duration 6 months​​
  • unlimited download & upload​​
  • download speed up to 90 Mbs
  • technical support during 12 hours​​
  • Stability in speed​​


12 month
  • Package price 1199 SAR​
  • subscription duration 12 months​
  • unlimited download & upload​
  • download speed up to 90 Mbs
  • technical support during 6 hours​
  • Stability in speed​


3 Month
  • Package price 499 SAR
  • subscription duration 3 months
  • unlimited download & upload
  • download speed up to 90 Mbs
  • technical support during 12 hours
  • Stability in speed

We invite you to continue the luxury

in addition to the unique services provided inside our real estate, all that is left is for you to try the internet service.

A quick intro to get you started in a snap

The beginning is from here!

Whether you were an employee, businessman, student or a housewife… What so ever

Since you chose us for your house, then you started correctly. All that is left is for you to choose the perfect internet for you and your family.

Be a part of the society

The internet services and communication techniques have become the main part of making any contemporary community, the capabilities of modern societies are measured by their ability based on speed and mastery in the areas of industry, which includes, of course, the communications and information technology industry.

A safe internet

We considered all aspects of security when providing Internet service, all our clients are connected to very secure servers

How to provide a service?

We are not a telecommunication company, but we are a service institution which seeks to provide the best for its clients through variety and innovation in all types of residence. Enable all of our clients to take advantage of the services around them as much as possible.

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