Al Dana Gulf spa

Services and benefits

The resort has many unique services and features, and each unit in the product is equipped with entertainment and theater system, swimming pools, parking and many other features

Luxury hotel units

Each unit in the product includes more than 6 bedrooms and a board and two lounges and outdoor session and rooms drivers and workers


The kitchen is designed in a modern and elegant and open system on the lounge,
as well as there is an outdoor service kitchen

Air conditioning

We use a high quality air conditioning system for the convenience of our customers

A very safe harbor

The entire complex is completely closed, and is accessed through the reception gate only where the staff serve you 24 hours, and the complex is monitored by security cameras

Great location and charming view

The project overlooks the Arabian Gulf directly, with a charming view that makes you enjoy the breeze of the Gulf and the sunset and the beauty of nature

Daily rent

5000-6000 SAR

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