Roof garden – Sulaymaniyah

Various services

Gym, steam baths, coffee shop, children’s lounge, outdoor pool

VIP Luxurious apartments

Consists of 2 bedrooms, salon, lounge and three toilets


They contain a modern kitchen which is open to the living room

Air conditioning

All apartments contain split air conditioner

A very safe harbor

The entire complex is completely closed, and is accessed through the reception gate only where the staff serve you 24 hours, and the complex is monitored by security cameras

Ground parking

The Project has ground parking for tenants

Close to schools and facilities

The project is very close to the school district of Sulaymaniyah, and the most famous school of Abdulaziz International and the press and others, as it is also near the medical city.

Annual premium

70000 SAR

Photo Gallery

Share your opinion

Your opinions matter because we build our plans and project on them.

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  1. Amani

    I am in love with the apartments in Roof garden al Sulimanyiah however the renting prices are very high and you aren’t even willing to negotiate which is very very upsetting. I really wish to rent an apartment in that place but the rent prices aren’t helping me. What is even more upsetting I go to your office to meet Mr. Messaed and he wasn’t there and you don’t even call me to set up a new appointment!!! And after all this there isn’t any ability to reduce the rent price at least as a compensation for what has happened to me from you!!!! Very shameful!!!!

  2. Mohammed

    I need a studio or one bedroom apartment in Suleimaneh


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