Saraya Project

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The project is located next to the business area in Riyadh and close to the most famous international restaurants and markets

VIP Luxurious apartments

The project consists of ground floors that contain three bedrooms, two lounges, swimming pools, and special entrances. The upper apartments consist of three bedrooms, a living room, a lounge, and three bathrooms. The project also has rooms for drivers and servants


They contain a modern kitchen which is open to the living room

Air conditioning

All apartments contain split air conditioner

A very safe harbor

The project is located in one of the most active and safe places in Riyadh

Modern design

The project is designed with great precision and high quality materials, and at the same time we have taken into account the luxury and simplicity attractive from the outside and inside

Annual premium

40000-85000 SAR

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Your opinions matter because we build our plans and project on them.

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