Real Estates services

We offer you distinct and diverse real estate services

Real estate development

We have developed high-quality housing units with precise engineering specifications, unique designs, and the highest quality standards. Through them, we focused on our customers and made their needs and desires the focus of our objectives and strategies. While developing our properties we focused on business areas, downtown, Companies clusters, and organizations.

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Property management

With a distinguished and qualified staff, we manage a group of our real estate and other landlords. Our staff provides all activities related to the management of the real estate from marketing, maintenance, renovation and banking up of rents. Additionally, our team provides periodic and financial reports on the status of the property in particular and the real estate market in general, to assist owners in making real estate investment decisions and establishing expansion projects

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Real estate rental

We focused on our real estate activity on providing housing units with innovative designs within important neighborhoods in Riyadh as well as all the regions of the kingdom. Our real estate activity extended to Egypt, specifically in Cairo.

We have set our sights on the near and far future of the real estate activity and made our housing units full of inspiration and innovation which remains discrete for years. We targeted all of our clients and took into consideration their purchasing power.

As a result of our keenness to respond to our clients and provide them with technical support, we have earned a strong reputation in the kingdom’s real estate market.

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Buying and selling real estates

Hundreds of clients have trusted us to find the best choice for them in the real estate market, their desires about owning a real estate have varied (villas, buildings, apartments, residential complex lands, malls, markets, etc) we were the liaison between them and hundreds of landlords who want to sell their real estate.

We’ve sensed satisfaction and security from our clients (buyers and sellers) after the deal is done successfully. Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end when the selling or buying operation is done, we continue with them and carefully follow up with their desires

We have been characterized by rapid access to clients and a high rate of successful deals, which led us to establish a large network of clients and real estate brokers

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Real estate’s auctions

Due to accumulated experience in real estate and real estate marketing, we have had successful experiences in the management of real estate auctions, termination of the estate and inheritance money for many owners.

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Real estate’s showrooms

We work with major local and regional companies that have long experience in organizing and managing real estate’s showrooms, in order to make your real estate reaches the major showrooms in local and regional real estate showrooms.

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Real estate valuation

We work with a group of valuing and evaluating offices that are certified by the housing ministry. They have experience in giving accurate and fair results for the value of the real estate. 

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Real estate fund

Due to our reputation as a major landlord and real estate marketers in the local and regional real estate market, we gained the trust of local and international funding companies. We work with them as a mediator to present diversified options for real estate owners who want to get fund for their startups or to develop their current projects. We work on facilitating the procedures of having houses through the fund products that the banks, financial and funding organizations offer.

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